Rules of Engagement

BLOG_ Reading GlassesI came to this blog with a bit of trepidation. While I have always been a great storyteller, and I seem to be the kind of person that things just happen to, I am also a very private person who has mixed feelings about sharing her life on such a public stage. But I do understand that in order to share my artistic gift, I must share myself in the process. They are somewhat inseparable. In order for someone to trust me with their most personal oasis (their home) they have to know and be comfortable with me. And because I feel strongly about wanting to work with people I like, putting myself out there in the interest of developing a good working relationship, as uncomfortable as it might be, is a necessity. I do, however, embark upon this adventure with a few ground rules:

  • I will only post when I have something to say. Everyone I know is laughing because they can’t imagine a time when I don’t have something to say. But the truth is, if I want you to listen, and I do, then it has to be real. And that’s my promise – to keep it real.
  • While I may have a caustic wit, my sincere intention is never to harm. Ever. I can certainly ride the SS Sarcastic on a daily basis but I never want my humor to cross a line and hurt someone. I own my shit and if I’ve been a bad girl, I’m not above an apology.
  • To that end, I want this to be a happy and humorous place and so I will tell you now that any negative comments will simply be deleted without notice. Lord knows the world doesn’t need any more bad energy so if you feel so inclined, don’t.
  • Any product, service or person that I talk about or promote is my own opinion. No one pays me and I won’t endorse anything I don’t believe in. If you don’t agree, or like it, please unsubscribe. Last time I checked this was a democracy and no one is forcing you to read something you don’t like.
  • If I fail to accurately source content, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it. There is no intent to plagiarize or hijack the hard work of others.

That’s it. Welcome aboard.

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