What We Do

We believe in the value of time.

The interior design business is all about time, and the truth is that designers are extremely time-efficient because our experience gives us an advantage in knowing where to look, and our design eye is quick and astute. We know how to compose a beautiful space in half the time it would take a client while preventing costly mistakes. At House Whole, we focus on the core design services: space planning, color consulting, furniture sourcing, wall/window/floor treatments, finishings and fixtures for kitchens and baths, and working with architects and contractors on integral design elements.

We believe that creativity is key.

House Whole is deliberately different. We aren’t a traditional design firm and we don’t specialize in custom furnishings from trade-only resources. Instead, we shop primarily at retail, antique and online stores that we know and whose quality we trust. We create a personal, unique, and eclectic space by knowing how to cherry-pick from a wide variety of resources using our creative instinct and keen eye, not by relying on custom components. And since our income doesn’t come from markups on custom furniture, we have no incentive to get rid of your existing furnishings and can instead see them as unique pieces in your personal design puzzle.

We believe in the right fit.

Since we do operate a bit differently from other designers, it’s important to understand what we do, and what we don’t do. Have a look to see if we’re the right fit for you.


We are the right fit if:

  • You don’t really want or need custom furniture from trade-only resources.
  • You are comfortable buying at retail and want to see and sit-test furniture before buying.
  • You have at least one full room that you want done and not just a random list of items.
  • You need help selecting finishings and fixtures for kitchen and bathroom renovations.
  • You have a pretty good idea of your aesthetic but have a hard time pulling it all together.
  • You need help with space planning and knowing where to put things in a room.
  • You don’t have time to do the shopping but are happy to choose from items that have been selected for you.
  • You really want the benefit of a designer’s eye and would love a fresh perspective.
  • You have a budget for furniture and are ready to make a “design investment.”
  • You want more control and transparency around the purchasing process and are fine handling orders, deliveries and returns.
  • You want your project done quickly.