How We Work

We believe in house whispering.

We vet our clients carefully to ensure that every project is a success. Once we’ve talked, and you’ve completed our new client questionnaire, our next step is a brief site visit so that we can meet you and take a look at your home. It’s also an opportunity for the house to tell us what it wants and needs. This is a bit like a design speed date but we won’t be giving you advice or suggestions since that would be extremely premature and we don’t believe in drive-thru design. We need to hear your wish list to be sure that what you want is in sync with what we can deliver, and we like to know that the process is going to be fun and that our goals and expectations are aligned. If we agree that the project is a good fit, we will prepare a detailed proposal for your review.

We believe you should have what you want, what you really, really want.

Once we’re off and running, we conduct a home audit, including the physical space and all of your furnishings. then we ask a lot of questions to identify your pain points, your interior design wish list, and your aesthetic style. We encourage you to share online idea books, interior design sites and any catalogs you love, and we will usually leave you with some fun design books to browse through and tag. The more input we have, the easier it is to find furnishings that reflect your personality and style.

We believe in the design symphony.

The interior design planning phase, which consists of layout development and 3-D modeling, is followed by the sourcing phase. We are astute, experienced, hunter-shoppers and will only present viable options from our list of trusted retailers and online sources and we “build” rooms by layering elements from your list of selects. Mood board development then shows you how everything will work together. These visual aids help with the selection process and allow us to avoid design missteps and costly mistakes. We believe in doing the due diligence up front and then rejoicing when your home sings.

We believe in the power of partnership.

Once items are approved for purchase, and we’ve measured obsessively to be sure everything fits, you take over. You place the orders so you know exactly what everything costs, you take advantage of our trade discounts and rack up all of those points and miles by using your own credit card, and you can spread out your spend. Since you control the purchasing it’ll be easy to schedule deliveries and deal with any mishaps. And we never abandon you because we know that, as designers, we have greater purchasing clout and we’re not afraid to use it in the event that something arrives that’s wrong, damaged, or just not what you expected. We will always have your back because your happiness is the true measure of our success.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page here.