Frequently Asked Questions

What will I have to do?

The more we know about you and your family, the easier it is for us to immerse ourselves in your style. We also want all family members on board during this phase so there are no potential conflicts later. At our first official meeting we will take you through a questionnaire and then we ask you to look through books, magazine and online resources so we can be sure we fully appreciate your taste. We leave you with some fabulous design books and encourage you to go through them and tag anything you like. This the best way to take your design “temperature” and to be sure we know all of your key do’s and don’ts. We insist on your active participation in all design decisions because we consider you our partner, and after all, this is YOUR home and we want you to love it.

How much time does it usually take?

Every project and every home is different. It’s difficult to know exactly how long your project will take until we know exactly what you need. That said, most projects tend to go through similar phases. The first phase consists of our getting to know you and your style and developing models and layouts for your approval. The second phase is typically the most time intensive and involves active sourcing and shopping. We like our clients to know that, unless you are ordering an in-stock piece of furniture, you will need to allow 10-12 weeks for delivery of any new items. Once all of the items are delivered, we return for the finishing and final touches.  A project can span several months, even though the middle may be quiet while we are waiting for furniture, and most of the activity typically happens at the beginning and the end.

What does it typically cost?

Every project is unique but once we have gone through the vetting process and have seen your home we can usually provide a broad range of furniture costs along with our fee proposal. House Whole has a project minimum of $2,000 for design fees and we like to work on projects where we are designing at least one complete room. We charge $60/hour for travel which is below the industry standard.

How is payment handled?

Payment for merchandise is easy because you place the orders directly and can use whatever payment method you prefer. This allows you to use your choice of credit card(s) and to spread out your spend if you like. There is complete transparency and all paperwork is in your name. In an instance where a vendor is requiring that a purchase go through a trade account in order to get a discount, we will process the order using your contact and payment information. Payment of fee invoices (including any out of pocket costs like travel) are scheduled in three installments at the start of the project, midway at the ordering stage, and upon completion.

What if my husband and I want completely different things?

This is the most difficult question we get. We like to to work out these types of issues up front so that they don’t become costly battles down the road. When completing our questionnaire and pulling together your wish list, we ask that you work together and only include things that you can both agree on, or are willing to compromise on. We can usually come up with a solution that works for everyone, especially if we know what the pain points are going in.

Will I have to get rid of what I have?

No, No and No. We love working with clients who already have some great pieces or who have items that they cherish. While we can’t say we’ll love everything you love, and we won’t promise that everything will work in your newly imagined home, we make every effort to retain the things that have meaning to you. And we always try to help you repurpose things that are still in good condition but just didn’t make the cut. Don’t worry, we want your home to be unique, and one of the ways we maintain its charm and character is by keeping as much of your personality as we can.

What if I want help with accessories and decor?

If, at the end of our project, you want us to purchase accessories and décor items for you, we will come up with a flat rate for our time to do all of the purchasing, staging and returns for the rooms you want to finish. This usually consists of a day for shopping, a day for delivery and staging and a day for returning.

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