In Their Own Words.


Mount Kisco,  NY

Bringing on Linda to help design our living room and dining room was the best decision we made. Our house was an odd collection of furniture we’d each gathered over time, starting from our first apartments out of college. Many different residences later, our furniture was uncoordinated, poorly suited for the space, and wearing out. Once the kids were old enough, we felt it was time to transition our main living spaces into grown-up spaces where the furniture fit the room, fit together, and fit the vibe that would make it feel like not just a functional house, but a happy home.


Linda spent time with us understanding our style, likes, dislikes, wish list and deal breakers. She talked us through decision making processes and laid out what the design journey would be like. We felt very confident from the start that Linda was an expert at not just design, but also at coaching clients. We felt fully prepared for what was coming in the next 3 months.


What we weren’t prepared for was how thorough and organized Linda was. Each time she came over, she had completed stacks of homework on our project, bringing layouts, color palettes, furniture options. As two working parents, our time can be tight, and Linda did so much heavy lifting – including going to various stores ahead of time to test things out – that it was so simple and easy for us to do our part of the decision making. And the rare occasion where we felt stuck, she was always an ear and a guide to get us to what was truly best for the space and for us and our lifestyle. She is an expert at compromise but made sure no one ever felt like they were settling. There is not a piece in the new design that we are not head over heels in love with.


Linda is a remarkable spirit. She is indefatigable, encouraging and just simply a lot of fun to be around. She’s a cheerful realist, and has an innate talent for bringing out the best in people and in a space. She breaks down what could be an overwhelming process into manageable steps and quickly builds trust to guide you through the journey. She becomes part of your family, helping you get to the next level of living. You can’t help but smile more when Linda is around. And once your rooms are done, you can’t help but smile more at the happiness she’s brought into your house.


Chappaqua,  NY

I was a terrible prospective customer. My budget for furnishing a house – zero. My understanding of what things cost – zero. My appreciation for the value a designer brings – zero. My frustration with our first designer – off the charts! Knowing all of this, Linda took my wife and I by the hand and led us through a process that I may have originally compared to a root canal and made it very easy and surprisingly enjoyable.


After a rough false start with another designer, we needed someone who would run our project like a business and who had a process to get us from start to finish. Enter Linda – check and check. I remember being amazed how much we accomplished in the first few meetings and how logical and efficient her process was – understand our style, measure the rooms we were furnishing, propose what types of pieces each room needed in what area of the room and in what size (no design yet), present pieces that could fit the bill (that’s where the design comes in), visit the stores and finally – and only after we were 100% comfortable with our decisions – purchase. It sounds so easy, but can your designer do it?


In my business we strive to be “reference-able without warning”. We feel that if we do a good job, prospective customers should be able to call existing customers to get honest feedback without us prepping the existing customers first. Linda has clearly achieved that with us. Call me anytime!


Through the project Linda pushed us when we needed it, sat back when appropriate, fought for us like we were family when dealing with vendors, treated our money like it was her own, was extremely generous with her time and was a pleasure to spend time with.


The result is a finished product that far exceeded our expectations, pieces that we love and friends and family constantly comment on, and a house that has been transformed into our home.


Chappaqua,  NY

Linda Feaster is like the perfect pair of new boots.  You know the pair that you think you like but you suspect something better is out there but it’s so hard to make a decision because you have to think about style and comfort and price and you never want to sacrifice one for the others and you can’t imagine that there is a pair out there that is stylish and easy to wear and reasonably priced but then one day someone suggests a new pair that’s classic and a bit funky but still perfectly you and you buy them and they speak to your soul and you can’t imagine how you ever got your act together before you owned those boots?  Linda Feaster.  She’s the boots.


After a rocky start with another designer, we were hesitant to put our trust and money into anyone else’s hands.  We met five or six more designers in every price range and stopped looking as soon as we met Linda.  Linda is the perfect combination of creative guru, design and color genius and savvy businesswoman.  Her step-by-step process ensures that you get exactly what you need and want in the space you have without making costly mistakes (unlike our previous designer) but she makes it so much fun.


Linda is able to walk into a room and just know what it needs.  She had the most beautiful way of listening to us and combining our taste and style with what worked in the room to create something that we love.  Watching her transform our space was amazing.  From reviewing design books to figure out our own style, to the 3D renderings of our space, to viewing and narrowing our choices, to shopping day, we have never had so much fun doing something that usually feels like a chore.  The end result is a home that I couldn’t have imagined and that looks different from anything else out there but is still totally classic, just a bit funky and simply perfect for us.


Linda is honest and direct, generous with her time, conscious of how she spends your money, and funny as hell.  I never want to stop working with her. We finished our first project which was the entire main level of our house and I decided we needed to redo our home office just so we could continue.  Torching our master bedroom to have an excuse to call her again is not out of the question.


Dobbs Ferry,  NY

Where to start about Linda? She is intuitive, has a great design sense, knows how to bring your vision to life, and knows how to coax that vision out of you if you need that. She’s a master negotiator for the myriad things that need to be negotiated during a project. She never loses her cool and always keeps her sense of humor. And she works tirelessly. She will go to the mat for you. It’s amazing how often items arrive warped, bent, ripped, or just plain wrong. Linda handles all the ugliness and you get to sit back and breathe one sigh of relief after another, knowing she will always get the job done and she will always make it just right in the end. She’s a great, warm person who came to feel like family as we redid our living room. We’re sad to see her go and we’re plotting our next project so we can have her back in our home and lives.


Mount Kisco,  NY

We worked with Linda for a complete redesign of our living room and dining room, which included the design and installation of a gas fireplace. Linda was an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way. I really felt that she listened to our wants and needs for the space, and worked with us to design a space that not only looks stunning, but is completely functional for our family of 4. In our case, we wanted to include a designer in the project to make things a little bit easier for us in terms of looking at furniture options, etc., but also because we have come to a place in our life where we are finally able to make our home our own after years of living with parent’s hand me down furniture. We enlisted Linda to design a space that looked “adult,” but was also very us. We ultimately chose Linda because we felt that we clicked with her personality-wise and the designs we saw in her portfolio had the right amount of quirk and spunk for us. Her designs were unique and personal. I think one of our favorite parts of the design process with Linda was spending a day in Manhattan choosing our furniture and rugs. She made a process which could be completely overwhelming into something manageable and fun! At each store she had selected the pieces we needed to focus on, which made the process so much more efficient. Throughout the process, Linda was receptive, responsive, thoughtful, and really a pleasure to work with. We absolutely love the way our project turned out and find that our rooms look amazing, but are also completely functional. The pieces have a personal touch and really make us happy every day.


Briarcliff Manor,  NY

It was a real pleasure working with Linda!  My husband and I worked with Linda for roughly 2 years on multiple rooms in my house.  From the very beginning she took her time getting to know our individual tastes—and helped us to design rooms that we would both love.  Linda is extremely patient, flexible, realistic and honest.  She is willing to work with pieces you already have and is always respectful of your budget.  Linda has a fabulous eye for color and the overall look of a room.  Linda always respected our opinions on things.  But I will say that in the end, she was always right—when she told us something would look good or work in a certain space, it truly did.  I highly recommend Linda Feaster. Your house will certainly look fabulous after she’s done!


Hastings on Hudson, NY

When I asked Linda to work with us, I knew that I was doing it for a reason—which is that she had great talent and resourcefulness. But the more I worked with her, the more I trusted her judgment, so that the experience felt like both a learning opportunity and a series of delightful surprises. Linda really wanted our home to reflect who we are, and it does, perfectly—but in ways we never would have thought of ourselves. She did all of that with serious creativity and respect for our budget, and with a tremendous amount of generosity of spirit. She offers a kind of white-glove meticulousness that feels downright luxurious. I never expected the process to be as much fun or as inspiring as it was, and I feel so grateful we took the plunge every time I walk into our home.


New York, NY

Here’s what you get when you hire Linda Feaster to whisper your house. She’s more than a decorator, a designer, a paint-color-picker-outer. She’s the whole package.


From the minute I walked into Linda’s own house, I needed to know “how she did it.” My apartment was a jumble of unpronounceable Ikea furniture and stuff my mother thought was perfect for a city apartment (ie things she didn’t want anymore but was too lazy to throw out).


Then I got the opportunity to benefit from her knowledge.


We hired Linda to help with our Upper West Side apartment combination. The first thing she did was find something the architect didn’t—a third bedroom. For that we owe her, what, about a quarter of a million? She was absolutely right and we changed our plans, making our investment even more valuable and our space more liveable. Linda’s gift is that she can walk into any room and see the potential. She takes every nook and cranny into consideration and makes sure no space is wasted.


The ideas she brought to the table (that she also helped us pick out and haul home) were invaluable. She has a vast knowledge of what’s out there and how to put it together. She listened to what we wanted and helped us realize it. A major renovation, and even a minor redesign, can be overwhelming. What you need is a third party who can stay calm when the swatches start flying. It was such a relief to know that Linda had our backs and when we were feeling the pressure, she was the voice of reason.


Here’s the thing about hiring a designer, you think, “who are we to be hiring a designer?” But we’re so busy and the Internet is flooded with so many choices. That’s where Linda steps in to provide an invaluable service. She did what we didn’t have time or knowledge to do and saved us from making more than one costly mistake. Having a third party who can see things from an unemotional vantage point pretty much pays for itself.


I’m a little sad that this process is over because I’ve had so much fun working and poring over every detail with Linda. But I hope this is beginning of a beautifully curated friendship.


Hastings on Hudson, NY

Really loved working with Linda.  She has an amazing eye and a definite style point of view.  She wasn’t afraid to push us to think about new ideas, yet knew when and how to incorporate our specific taste when we felt strongly about the look we were going for.  Linda was incredibly professional – quick on the response to an email and always faster on site visit follow ups than ever expected.  What few hiccups we encountered (bad shipping, faulty products) she handled quickly and with grace, making them her problem not ours.  White glove service, terrific style, and an amazing sense of humor – couldn’t have asked for more! We love our new outdoor living room and just know we couldn’t have done it without her!


Hastings on Hudson, NY

I have worked with Linda for nearly a year. Over this time, I can truly say that our house has become a home.


In every aspect of our project, Linda has over delivered. First, a project that would have taken us realistically 3 to 4 years or longer to complete was done enthusiastically and efficiently in 8 months. While rooms were being remodeled, Linda’s keen understanding of space and dimension were a huge asset. Linda worked with the contractors to refine the drawings and the scale, ensuring the living room felt elegant. And all the while, the contractors enjoyed and respected her.


While walls and moldings were built, Linda kept everything moving forward. She invested real time to get to know us. To understand the common goals we had for our home, but also our individual tastes. Linda also taught us how to make good decisions, not snap decisions and has saved us thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. Linda excels at the hunt. And, this is another area where a lot of money was saved. Linda found exceptional pieces for us at antique shops and on Craigslist that, when paired with the gorgeous new pieces she found for us, created a truly unique space.


We have been asked by so many friends to share things like the paint color of a room and the source for a chair. And I always tell them “It’s all Linda!”


Greenwich, CT

I had the pleasure of working with Linda on the design of our main living space. We recently relocated and downsized and were faced with the challenge of re-imaging a much smaller, multi-purpose, open concept space. After a lot of time-consuming and frustrating attempts to finish the space ourselves, I contacted Linda. I immediately connected with Linda and recognized her ability to understand our vision. She was thorough and thoughtful in her initial approach, taking time to understand our design aesthetic and challenging requirements for the space. She presented many options and was able to help us navigate the process and select the best options, all within our budget.


Linda takes her craft very seriously while maintaining a keen sense of humor. She is incredibly hard-working, accessible and responsive. She provided the perfect balance of ‘out of the box’ suggestions along with conservative options. In her kind and gentle way she encouraged us to take risks. As a result, thanks to Linda, we are delighted with the end result – a beautiful, serene and functional living space. I would highly recommend Linda to assist with any design project.


Chappaqua, NY

Our home office was in dire need of a remake, including a closet that was a disaster, and I hired Linda Feaster of House Whole to re-do it within a reasonable budget. Importantly, I also needed someone who is exceptional at visualizing space and organizing as well as color coordinating. Linda is exceptional at all of these things. She understood my taste and my vision and executed it to perfection. She listens and absorbed what I said very well. I could not ask for a better partner.


First, she is so easy to work with and so accommodating – as a full time working parent, she was always available on weekends to meet with me and never wasted my time. She always told me what was worth spending money on versus what was not – she did such extensive research on every item and left no stone unturned, but never burdened me with too much information.  Her price points are at all levels, and she is so creative at mixing and matching styles. I have used several decorators over the years, and no one compares to her.


Hastings on Hudson, NY

Linda is great at understanding your needs on how you want to use your space. She gives you creative, beautiful but also functional ways of using the pieces you already have to create a great space and she places new and old pieces in ways you never would have come up with yourself. She really works with you and draws from your own taste, color palate and style.


Linda has a wonderful eye, a great sense of space and incredible sense of style, and she uses color and beautiful objects to make every room she touches special. She is very detail oriented and always goes the extra mile for you. She is not done until a room feels special, your own, and complete.