In the Beginning

Blog_ LionDSC_3060   It all started when my mother passed away and the task of clearing out her Florida condo was left to me and my sister. Sitting amongst the spray bottles, rubber gloves and garbage bags I remember thinking "Why on earth do we all have so much shit?"
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Rules of Engagement

BLOG_ Reading GlassesI came to this blog with a bit of trepidation. While I have always been a great storyteller, and I seem to be the kind of person that things just happen to, I am also a very private person who has mixed feelings about sharing her life on such a public stage. But I do understand that in order to share my artistic gift, I must share myself in the process. They are somewhat inseparable. In order for someone to trust me with their most personal oasis (their home) they have to know and be comfortable with me. And because I feel strongly about wanting to work with people I like, putting myself out there in the interest of developing a good working relationship, as uncomfortable as it might be, is a necessity. I do, however, embark upon this adventure with a few ground rules:
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