Don’t Apologize For What You Love or Why Do Women Have So Many Shoes?


This might just be my favorite post to write. Because I’m finally going to stop apologizing and give myself permission to be outed for my guilty pleasure – I have a lot of shoes. I’m quite sure that I’m not winning any awards for “the most,” but I have to admit that I love my shoes. I think many women see shoes and bags as the easiest way to stay in fashion without having to buy a completely new wardrobe, and, frankly, I think we should be applauded for having such good sense. And when shoes feel good, and smell good, and look good, well, I don’t have to tell you that it can make you feel like you just won the lottery.

My husband can scratch his head, and furrow his brow, and even audibly harumph because he obviously just doesn’t get it. The irony of this is that he is a commercial photographer who shoots, you guessed it, shoes! Whenever I get caught sneaking in a new pair or I’m not fast enough to intercept the UPS truck, I am quick to remind him that if not for women like me, he wouldn’t have a job. For some reason, the irony of this is completely lost on him and I am usually met with an incredulous stare and accompanying eye roll, and so my disease has had to go underground.

But the truth is, my shoes are an expression of my personality.  And I would like to officially stop apologizing for my unique, creative, colorful, audacious personality, however it chooses to manifest itself. My shoes are a part of me, part of my uniform, and I wear them every single day. And most of all, they make me happy. REALLY happy. I think it’s ok for most of us to have things that make us happy, as long as we pause, exhibit some level of self-control, and always remember to give back. I also think that what most husbands take for granted is that part of what they love about their wives is the way they look. And you can best believe that if I dropped all marital maintenance and stopped having my hair done, started buying my clothes (and shoes) at a thrift shop, stopped wearing makeup and let my teeth rot out of my head, my husband would notice. Big time.

So for now I will go on shopping and buying shoes that I find irresistible, and since I either get a lot of wear out of my shoes (I honestly do), OR I donate them to charity, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore. Everybody wins, even my husband. OK, gotta go, they’re having a sale at DSW.

  • Kathy Henken
    Posted at 17:29h, 29 September

    Your shoes have always been awesome!

    Could you please follow this up with a post entitled: “No. It’s not just another pair of black boots. They’re different?”

  • Linda
    Posted at 17:37h, 29 September

    Absolutely! Followed by “OMG these are so old. I just never wear them” and “Yes, I WAS wearing these shoes when I left this morning!”

  • Jan Scaglia
    Posted at 22:23h, 29 September

    Once again I LOVE IT!!!! I don’t have a shoe fetish but my daughter does, as you may know. I will have to share this with her…..AND she loves your hand-me-over-barely-worn boots!!!! Keep on posting Oh creative one.

  • Linda
    Posted at 08:22h, 30 September

    I am always one to share the love, especially when it comes to shoes!!

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